Boy's JV Basketball

The Messmer Junior Varsity basketball team’s season is over. The team is had a great season ending up with the the best record in the conference, 20-1. 
Mr. Jajuan Zolicoffer is the new Junior Varsity Basketball coach here at Messmer. He is an alumni, of the class of 2005. The JV team's best game this season was an away victory over Lake County Lutheran. Our team lost one of their best players for the night due to uniform complications, three of their guards fouled out, and one player could not stop cramping late in the game. In spite of all the trials and tribulations the JV still won the game in double overtime. 
Mr. Zolicoffer said, “I enjoy the opportunity to teach my players the correct way to do things on the court and how to take the principles of the game and use them in life to be successful.” Mr. Zolicoffer expects nothing but 100% effort from his players. He also expects his players to do all of their schoolwork so they can excel in school. Sophomore Avery Smith said, “Coach Zolicoffer is a great coach, he pushes us to work hard at everything we do. He wants us to become something in life.”   
Mr. Zolicoffer said, “My biggest challenge this year has been making the players understand that to be great they have to work hard.” He doesn’t show favoritism to his players; he appreciates every single one of them. He said, “They all bring a different dynamic to the team.” Mr. Zolicoffer works in the Messmer bookstore, when you see him say "Hi" and tell him you appreciate what he does as the coach of the Messmer JV basketball team.

--Contributed by sophomore Savannah Farmer-Short